Hey guys! 

Hope you're having a great Halloween weekend! So excited to share with you the last episode of THE SHUFFLE! 

I've had such a great time interacting with you week in and week out! This week I asked you guys what you want to see from me next? Also, I mentioned I'll be picking 10 people to hang with so make sure to check your DM's! 

I loved your responses and really going to take them into consideration for my future endeavors! It's such a bittersweet moment to know this is the last episode of THE SHUFFLE this season but it's also the beginning of me starting my next career venture! 

Truly when I started I had the highest hopes for my YouTube series but had no idea the show would be featured on NBC NEWS and be featured in multiple publications written by journalist I respect and have been a fan of for years! 

This has been such an amazing journey and for everyone who participated in my series and THE SHUFFLE I'd just like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart! My family have been so supportive and I'm so grateful to them! 

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Hey everyone,

Hope you all enjoyed the Season 1 finale of my show! I can't believe how fast time flew and I can't tell you how much I appreciate all your love and support over the past 4 months with this dream of mine!

I had this goal of creating my own show ever since I was a little kid and I finally did it! I spent night and day writing out each concept, writing out what topics I felt were fun and relevent to dive into and I received so much positive feedback!

This episode as you can imagine was so much fun to film! I got my friends with me to Vegas and we had the best time! I truly feel like Vegas is my favorite city! There's so much to do and I guarantee you will have a great time!

So much has gone on in the past four months! I've been receiving a lot of press and we have been featured on television and in print! This is just the beginning of a new chapter and there are so many more fun and exciting things I have planned so make sure you're subscribed to my channel and following me everywhere online @thomasorlina!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I couldn't have done this without my family, friends, and all of you around the world who watched! Till next time! Xo

Just a reminder THE SHUFFLE airs Friday so stay tuned for new details on what the topic is!

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Hey guys! 

Another great episode of THE SHUFFLE! I really enjoyed watching all of your selfie videos on how you stay fit! In EPISODE 7, I really opened up and shared my workout tips so I thought it would be fun for you guys to share yours. 

I think anyone who watches this episode of THE SHUFFLE is really going to learn something new and hopefully your routines help them! 

It's really hard to believe this but we only have ONE more episode of THE SHUFFLE left and the season finale of Season 1 of my series YOUR TIME WITH THOMAS airs this coming FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20th! 

When the series first aired on July 7, 2017, I felt like it was going to take a while for these days to come and here we are, days away! 

I want to continue to thank everyone who has been supportive of my journey and not to worry because I have some exciting new content coming! :) 

Hope you're having a great weekend! I'm currently in Las Vegas with my family and meeting a few of my local friends! I consider Vegas my second home! 

Remember again, don't miss the Season 1 finale airing this Friday when I head to Las Vegas with my crew and make a very exciting announcement! 







Hey everyone,

It's hard to believe this is the last episode before the Season 1 finale! This journey has been incredible and the amount of support from you all has made it even that much more special.

In EPISODE 7, I really wanted to talk about wellness, working out and the importance of taking care of our bodies.

ECHO PARK is such a beautiful place to go. I really recommend going and it's only $10.00 per person. I would recommend it for going on a date or just zoning out with your friends.

The gym is not my happy place but like I said we all need to go in there to stay healthy. It's important to make sure you are watching your diets as much as you are working out. It truly defeats the purpose if your diet is bad.

Tennis and Runyon are also two places I knew I wanted to film for the series. I spent a lot of time writing out each episode. This one in particular. I really enjoyed hanging out with my friends in this episode.

Looking ahead to the Season 1 finale, I will be heading out of town and also sharing some big news that's happening to me! You won't want to miss how this season ends!

This FRIDAY my segment THE SHUFFLE returns so keep an eye out on my IG/SNAP stories to find out what topic we're discussing!

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Happy Saturday!

Hope you all are having a great weekend so far! I get so excited doing THE SHUFFLE because I love interacting with my audience. This week's topic was, "what's your dream job?" I asked that question because in EPISODE 6 I talk a lot about my career and was curious as to see what you guys want to do and what your interest are.

This journey with Your Time With Thomas has been really exciting! I've been featured in new publications and it's all thanks to everyone who has believed in me and the show.

We have more episodes coming up so you definitely want to make sure you're turned in.

Don't forget, if you want to win the merch t-shirt, please make sure you're subscribed to my channel, liked & commented on EPISODE 6!

This coming FRIDAY in EPISODE 7, I take you to my favorite hiking trail and also play some tennis! Get your fit face on!

See you FRIDAY 10AM PST for a brand new episode!

Thank you for all your love and support,





Hey everyone! 

Can't believe we're already at EPISODE 6! This series has been flying by but I've had so much fun along the way. 

I've been asked often how did I end up getting to work in the entertainment industry so I knew when producing this series I was going to find a place to really discuss my journey and share my secrets! 

I hope that this episode has really helped people get a better understanding of what you need to do to really get your foot in the door. 

Just always remember to have a great attitude and you will definitely make it! 

Looking ahead this Friday I'm doing another episode of THE SHUFFLE! I've gotten submissions already but if you'd like to participate, please let me know. 

It's a great way for us to get to know each other! 

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Hey everyone! 

Happy Sunday! Hope you are having a great one. I had so much fun doing THE SHUFFLE this week and hearing about where you're from and about your culture. 

The great thing about THE SHUFFLE is seeing how diverse my audience is. From Jamaica to Hong Kong, I can't thank you enough for supporting the show and watching every week. 

The merch this week is super cool. It's an iPhone case and I'd love to give it out to anyone who's subscribed to my channel and liked/commented on EPISODE 5. 

I'm super proud of my Filipino culture and so happy all of you are proud of cultures. 

Looking ahead, I often get asked how I got in the entertainment business and on this week's EPISODE 6 I open up about my experience and give you my top 3 tips on how to successfully get there! 

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Thank you again for all your support on my journey with Your Time With Thomas! See you guys FRIDAY 10AM PST. 




Hey guys,

This episode is so special to me. When I was producing the series I definitely knew I wanted family to be right in the center of it all.

They mean so much to me and I'm so happy viewers were introduced to the Filipino culture and to my 2 year old niece Annalynn. She has brought so much joy to my family. I love her so much!

I'm also happy you all were introduced to a charity that does amazing things for other people. Project Angel Food is the best place to volunteer. Thank you to them for allowing my crew to come in for the day and film my show. We had an incredible time!

Looking ahead to this coming Friday, we are releasing a brand new episode of THE SHUFFLE. I look forward to hearing from you guys every week. Be sure to follow my Snapchat and Instagram story to find out what selfie videos I want from you.

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Hey everyone!

I can't believe we're already in the middle of season 1! I hope you all enjoyed the mid season review.

Looking back on how far the show has come, I can't thank you enough for all your support with each episode and also with THE SHUFFLE!

Doing EPISODE 1 I just kind of had a vision for how I wanted to introduce myself to everyone and I think we captured it well.

EPISODE 2 I definitely wanted people to know about my struggles coming out. I'm hoping that this episode really continues to touch people years down the line.

EPISODE 3 was such a fun experience not only doing the slide for the first time 1,000 feet in the air but documenting the whole thing for my show. I really have brought back a lot of adventure in my life.

EPISODE 4 was really special because I am a hopeless romantic and I think that episode showed that. I also think it was time for people to talk about the pluses and minuses of dating online. Myles did an excellent job of filming this episode and by the way, who doesn't love the beach?

For future episodes this season you see me giving back to the community, spending time with my family and even going to Las Vegas.

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Hope you guys are surviving the heat if you're in LA and my heart and prayers go out to everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey!

Just a reminder, next week EPISODE 5 comes out and I promise you won't want to miss my adorable niece making her debut!

See you FRIDAY 10 AM PST!





Hey guys!

Another great time doing THE SHUFFLE! I really opened up about my dating life in EPISODE 4 and hearing your ideas of a perfect date have given me some new ideas! I literally would use all your suggestions!

It's so important we stay interactive on the show. I love when I get to hear from all of you. Jesse, I totally agree the next person we date needs to have their life together! Shirley, I definitely would wanna go to a Laker game on a date! That's such a good date idea.

Thank you to everyone who sent their selfie videos! Stay in touch with me throughout the week so we can stay up to date with each other.

We have a lot more to come on Season 1 so you definitely want to subscribe to my YouTube channel for updates.

You can follow me @thomasorlina on all social media platforms!

Till next time! See you guys!




Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 6.51.06 PM (2).png

Hi everyone, 

I hope you all enjoyed watching EPISODE 4! When I was producing this series, I knew I wanted to take viewers to Santa Monica. I highly recommend visiting the pier. The rides are affordable and the view on the top of the Ferris Wheel is really great. 

I touched on several topics that included social media, dating, and work. 

Using social media is the best way for me to communicate with everyone especially now with my YouTube series. If you follow my Snap & IG story daily, you know I truly love sharing my day to day with everyone. 

I really enjoy chatting with fans of the series from all around the world so that's why I have my segment THE SHUFFLE which will air again this FRIDAY. I give out free merchandise so check it out! 

THE SHUFFLE is a segment where I get to hear from you guys so make sure to watch my Snap & IG story to hear what you can submit selfie videos for this week. 

Dandi and I had the best day at the beach during the filming of this episode, I truly can't thank her enough for being a part of my show. 

In EPISODE 5, I talk to you about my family, Filipino culture and so much more, you will definitely not want to miss this one and YES this is the episode with my niece Annalynn!! Can't wait to show her this episode when she gets older! 

Have a lovely weekend! 

Thanks again for supporting my dream and watching the show! 




Hey guys!

So excited to do another YOUR TIME WITH THOMAS: THE SHUFFLE (3)! I love doing this segment and interacting with people who are fans of my YouTube show!

Last week on EPISODE 3 I was really terrified going down this glass slide in Downtown Los Angeles, so I thought it would be a great idea to ask you all what's the scariest thing you've done in your lives?

Skydiving looks like a lot of fun but not sure I would ever do it! I loved hearing all of your responses and want to personally thank you for submitting all your selfie videos!

EPISODE 4 I head down to the beach for some fun in the sun and talk about dating life!

This EPISODE is going to be great especially if you love the beach!

Make sure to tune in next FRIDAY 10AM PST to watch it!

Thank you again to every single one of you who are watching YOUR TIME WITH THOMAS!

I've put everything I have in this series and I'm glad you are all enjoying it.

Thank you all for being part of this journey with me!

Till next time!




Hello everybody!

Hope you are having a great weekend! I'm so excited you all have gotten to watch EPISODE 3! We had such a blast filming in Downtown! 

It was really important for me to face my fear of this glass slide so I'm happy to say I did it! 

Since Malia was in Hawaii, I still wanted her to be part of YTWT so I'm glad we figured out the FaceTime situation. 

I was really blown away at how beautiful OUE SKYSPACE LA is! The staff was amazing and I look forward to going back. 

I've received so much positive feedback about EPISODE 3 especially the part where I give friendship tips! I value my friends a lot so these are my particular guidelines for what I think makes an excellent friend. 

Also, I'm so glad I got to talk about my idol, Maria Menounos and my friends at AfterBuzz TV! 

Make sure you're subscribed, liked and commented on EPISODE 3 to win merch on the next YOUR TIME WITH THOMAS: THE SHUFFLE (3) airing next FRIDAY! 

I spent a lot of time writing out all the concepts for each EPISODE of my YouTube show, it feels rewarding! You all have sent me so much love and support! 

Stay tuned for more to come! :) 

Talk to you soon! 




Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!

I'm so glad EPISODE 2 was received well by many of you. I get so excited to do the YOUR TIME WITH THOMAS: THE SHUFFLE (2) segment, so that I can hear from you guys what your favorite parts of the EPISODE were.

Thank you again to everyone who participated this week. I try and include as many as I can.

Just a reminder that every time I do THE SHUFFLE, I will be giving out YTWT merchandise at the end, as my way of saying thank you.

To win, remember to make sure you're 1) subscribed 2) liked EPISODE 2 and 3) commented on EPISODE 2.

Next Friday is the premiere of EPISODE 3 and I look forward to taking you to Oue Skyspace and showing you more of Downtown LA!

Means a lot to me you are all watching YOUR TIME WITH THOMAS. It's a show I am very passionate about and created myself.

Talk to you soon,




Hello everyone!

I've received so many lovely messages regarding EPISODE 2 and how it has impacted them. I also had someone tell me it had them in tears of happiness.

People from high school have reached out to me to tell me how they had no idea I was going through all of that and I definitely again should have went to acting school. Ha!

When I was writing this series YOUR TIME WITH THOMAS at home months ago I always knew I wanted to share my coming out story as EPISODE 2 and told my parents ahead of time.

So often people think they know you because they follow you on social media, but explaining really what happened to me in a video to me was a better way to get an idea of who I really am and what I am trying to do, which is to help others realize we can make our dreams happen.

I struggled for years trying to find myself that I personally wanted to be vulnerable and show a side to me most don't get to see.

Reading everyone's comments and messages have really touched me deeply and I am so relieved you all enjoyed my personal story!

Hope you have an awesome weekend and make sure to get ready for brand new YOUR TIME WITH THOMAS: The Shuffle(2) coming out this FRIDAY!

Love you guys,




Hey everyone! 

I'm so excited to finally introduce YOUR TIME WITH THOMAS: THE SHUFFLE (1) 

I created a poll on Twitter and after going back and forth at my viewing party for YOUR TIME WITH THOMAS last Friday with my family and friends I decided on YOUR TIME WITH THOMAS: THE SHUFFLE (1). 

This is a new segment I created to get you guys involved with the show. I received so many kind messages that I wanted a place for us to connect every other week in between EPISODES of YOUR TIME WITH THOMAS.

In order to win the new black merch hat that will be available for purchase soon, make sure you've 1) subscribed 2) commented 3) liked EPISODE 1!

I will announce the winner this coming FRIDAY after EPISODE 2. 

You don't want to miss my coming out story which will be extremely intimate and personal this coming FRIDAY! 

See you then! 

I appreciate all the love and support. 

Thank you, 



Hi guys! 

I really enjoyed filming EPISODE 1! I came up with the title of the series at night in 2015 when I was randomly thinking, if one day a network gave me my own TV show, what would I name it? and literally YOUR TIME WITH THOMAS came out of my mouth! 

I really wanted to introduce the series by telling you about myself since the show is based around my life living in Los Angeles. 

As the season continues, I will be taking you to some of my favorite places in Los Angeles. 

Looking forward to the rest of the series! 

If you haven't already, please follow me on social media @thomasorlina so we can connect with each other online. 

Thank you, 



Hey Everyone! 

Welcome to my new blog. I'll be writing here after every episode to connect with you. I'm excited to launch my new YouTube show! I hope you enjoy it!