Hey guys! 

Hope you enjoyed watching EPISODE 3 of my new YouTube series, “Your Time With Thomas: The Experience.” 

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This episode opens with us on the beach in Boracay. 

While we were in Boracay, I wanted to make sure we got to visit the other nearby islands and ride on the boats. 

The boat tour takes you to five islands. It was really fun and exciting! The tour package was about $15 US dollars. It’s affordable and worth it so I highly recommend going while you’re out there. 

Once we boarded the boat, I noticed right away the water was a bit rocky and the waves were getting out of control.

The waves were so bad that the captain actually told us we weren’t going to the first island which was disappointing. The craziest part of the boat ride was one passenger demanded that we go back and started to scream. I’ll let you rewatch the episode and guess which one it was! By the time we reached the second island we were drenched. I thought the boat was going to flip over! 

Luckily the waves started to calm down and we ended up getting to go to the other four islands that day. The package included snorkeling and food as well which was great! 

I love Filipino food! We ate pancit which are noodles and had some other great seafood items! 

The people overall were very friendly and I had a really great time in Boracay! I hope to visit again soon!

The episode concludes with us heading back to the airport for our flight to Manila! 

You’re not going to want to miss what happens next! 

Tune in this coming Sunday to watch EPISODE 4. There’s a lot more episodes to go and I can’t wait to keep showing you around the various parts of the Philippines!

Till next time!