Hey guys,

Hope you’ve been doing well! 

Glad you’ve been enjoying watching my new spin-off YouTube series titled, “Your Time With Thomas: The Experience.”

I’ve been having a good time connecting with you all on social media and want to thank you for your support with my recent interview with CNN Philippines.

EPISODE 4 starts off with me at the CNN headquarters in the Philippines. I was really humbled to have an opportunity to talk about the 8-episode YouTube series I created and produced called, “Your Time With Thomas.”

CNN Philippines invited me as a guest on their morning live television show to also  discuss the importance of social media and diversity in today’s society.

As soon as the cameras went live, I was ready to go and answered the questions as best as I could. It was very surreal to be in front of the country on live television to share something I worked so hard on to develop.

It was a proud moment for my family and friends and one moment I won’t ever forget.

If you’re interested in watching the full-interview visit this link. (

It’s hard to believe but we’re halfway through the season and I can’t wait to show you the next 4 episodes! 

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