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Hey guys!

I can’t believe we’re on the last blog for my YouTube spin-off series, “Your Time With Thomas: The Experience.”

EPISODE 8 definitely delivered with a bang in the beautiful town of Tagaytay. Before going to the Philippines, I wanted to make it a mission to do something adventurous so when I was presented with a chance to zip line, I said yes! 

It was really thrilling and worth it. I did get really frantic towards the middle part of the zip line but just told myself that it was going to be fine. If you’re in Tagaytay, definitely check it out! 

We also visited my family museum called Museo Orlina. 

My grandmother spoke highly of it in the past and I’m thankful I got to visit and see all of the iconic artwork and sculptures. 

It’s been such an honor to share with you these 8-episodes which I’m so thankful to have captured on video. When I was a little kid, I always dreamed of visiting the Philippines and I never imagined I’d get to explore the country this way.

I have a few people I’d like to thank. Sonia, thank you for your trust and belief in my ability to produce a show for your company. 

Manila Up! TV Entertainment was the perfect partner for this project and to connect with the Filipino community that I love.

These episodes were first seen on Manila Up! TV Entertainment on television in TV markets in the United States. 

It was also distributed on an app globally. 

I’d like to thank all of the people who I met in the Philippines that really made my experience special. Lastly and most importantly, I’d like to thank all of my followers and people who have tuned in week after week and followed this journey.

This is the end of the season for my spin-series, “Your Time With Thomas: The Experience” but also the beginning of something brand new coming soon that you won’t want to miss! 

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See you all on my next project!

Love always,