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Hi guys!

Thanks to everyone who watched EPISODE 6 of my new YouTube series, “Your Time With Thomas: The Experience.” It’s been really cool connecting with you all on social media and hearing your thoughts on all of the episodes! 

This was one of my favorite episodes from the series. 

Coron, Palawan is such a beautiful island with so much to do. In this episode, we get on a boat to visit various parts of the island.  

The weather was perfect this entire trip and I really felt at home. This was my first ever trip to the Philippines and I’m very thankful to have gotten to visit this particular island. 

The island is a bit more reserved than Boracay in my opinion and has more of an exclusive feel to it. 

I highly recommend going on the boat tour. The tour cost is under $20 USD and includes food. It’s a very organized program and the staff are all very friendly. 

In this episode, we also experience snorkeling and seeing all the beautiful coral and fish. I had a blast! This was considered a paid activity which cost about $5 USD. 

The episode concludes with us back at the airport heading back to Manila! 

Thank you SkyJet Airlines for sponsoring this episode! 

If you plan to visit Coron, Palawan in the Philippines, make sure to book using!

You do not want to miss the next episode that comes out next Sunday where I tour you around the city! 

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Till next time!