Hey everyone! 

Happy Sunday! Hope you are having a great one. I had so much fun doing THE SHUFFLE this week and hearing about where you're from and about your culture. 

The great thing about THE SHUFFLE is seeing how diverse my audience is. From Jamaica to Hong Kong, I can't thank you enough for supporting the show and watching every week. 

The merch this week is super cool. It's an iPhone case and I'd love to give it out to anyone who's subscribed to my channel and liked/commented on EPISODE 5. 

I'm super proud of my Filipino culture and so happy all of you are proud of cultures. 

Looking ahead, I often get asked how I got in the entertainment business and on this week's EPISODE 6 I open up about my experience and give you my top 3 tips on how to successfully get there! 

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Thank you again for all your support on my journey with Your Time With Thomas! See you guys FRIDAY 10AM PST.