Hello everybody!

Hope you are having a great weekend! I'm so excited you all have gotten to watch EPISODE 3! We had such a blast filming in Downtown! 

It was really important for me to face my fear of this glass slide so I'm happy to say I did it! 

Since Malia was in Hawaii, I still wanted her to be part of YTWT so I'm glad we figured out the FaceTime situation. 

I was really blown away at how beautiful OUE SKYSPACE LA is! The staff was amazing and I look forward to going back. 

I've received so much positive feedback about EPISODE 3 especially the part where I give friendship tips! I value my friends a lot so these are my particular guidelines for what I think makes an excellent friend. 

Also, I'm so glad I got to talk about my idol, Maria Menounos and my friends at AfterBuzz TV! 

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I spent a lot of time writing out all the concepts for each EPISODE of my YouTube show, it feels rewarding! You all have sent me so much love and support! 

Stay tuned for more to come! :) 

Talk to you soon!