Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!

I'm so glad EPISODE 2 was received well by many of you. I get so excited to do the YOUR TIME WITH THOMAS: THE SHUFFLE (2) segment, so that I can hear from you guys what your favorite parts of the EPISODE were.

Thank you again to everyone who participated this week. I try and include as many as I can.

Just a reminder that every time I do THE SHUFFLE, I will be giving out YTWT merchandise at the end, as my way of saying thank you.

To win, remember to make sure you're 1) subscribed 2) liked EPISODE 2 and 3) commented on EPISODE 2.

Next Friday is the premiere of EPISODE 3 and I look forward to taking you to Oue Skyspace and showing you more of Downtown LA!

Means a lot to me you are all watching YOUR TIME WITH THOMAS. It's a show I am very passionate about and created myself.

Talk to you soon,