Hello everyone!

I've received so many lovely messages regarding EPISODE 2 and how it has impacted them. I also had someone tell me it had them in tears of happiness.

People from high school have reached out to me to tell me how they had no idea I was going through all of that and I definitely again should have went to acting school. Ha!

When I was writing this series YOUR TIME WITH THOMAS at home months ago I always knew I wanted to share my coming out story as EPISODE 2 and told my parents ahead of time.

So often people think they know you because they follow you on social media, but explaining really what happened to me in a video to me was a better way to get an idea of who I really am and what I am trying to do, which is to help others realize we can make our dreams happen.

I struggled for years trying to find myself that I personally wanted to be vulnerable and show a side to me most don't get to see.

Reading everyone's comments and messages have really touched me deeply and I am so relieved you all enjoyed my personal story!

Hope you have an awesome weekend and make sure to get ready for brand new YOUR TIME WITH THOMAS: The Shuffle(2) coming out this FRIDAY!

Love you guys,